Grief is an intense emotion that overwhelms life when a person’s inner security system is shattered by an acute loss, usually the death of someone important in his or her life.

As a registered psychotherapist and counsellor, I have found that the best way to treat grief is to combine different techniques. So, I combine counselling and psychotherapy to create a bereavement treatment tailored to you.

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Grief for the loss of an important person or being

I provide a compassionate approach to helping you express your emotions freely and healthily about the loss of an important person, or people, in your life. I also counsel for the loss of pets. To give you the fuller picture, here are the areas I treat for:

Death from Natural Causes or Accidents
Death through Murder
Death of Pets
Loss of Body Parts
Loss of Job
Loss of Home
Loss of Partner
Death of Estranged Family Member
Little or No Grief Feelings
Parent Physically Alive, but Emotionally Unavailable

Grief for other loss

People also grieve for lost expectations, relationships, bodily functions, jobs and losses of any other kind. It is not necessary for you to have had an actual bereavement (i.e. the death of someone) for you to experience and demonstrate symptoms of loss. As with an actual bereavement, we would work together so you can freely and healthily express emotions.

Stages of grief

I find people tend to go through a number of stages in this bereavement process. For some it follows a particular sequence, but for others these stages overlap and sometimes occur in a different order. The important thing to remember is that the feelings you are experiencing are normal and it is normal to take time to grieve.

Every one of us is unique and will therefore grieve in a uniquely personal way. It is useful, however to recognise the common stages of grief:


If a person is unable to naturally work through the stages of grief he or she may feel stuck in a hole of despair and hopelessness, leading to depression.

For this reason, if you feel this way, I recommend you reach out and get some support to help you become unstuck.

As we all have had, or will have, experiences of loss in our lives, grief work is a hugely important human process and therefore I treat all my bereavement clients with the utmost respect, reassurance and patience.

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