Treatment for Stress

If you are experiencing stress, I can help you find resolution for it. As a registered psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I have found that the best way to treat stress is to combine different techniques. So, I combine hypnotherapy, NLP, stress counselling and psychotherapy to create a treatment plan tailored to you. Read on to find out more about how I work with stress, or contact me to book your free, 30-minute consultation.

Just to clarify upfront, stress should not be confused with anxiety. Stress is a reaction to a specific threat and it usually goes away when the threat no longer exists. Whereas anxiety carries on long after the initial threat has gone. For help with anxiety, visit my anxiety page.

Some stress is normal

Everyone experiences stress in their lifetime. It is a normal response to a threatening situation.

Stress is something that has been passed down to us from prehistoric times, when we needed to escape danger, such as predators, by either running away or choosing to stand and fight, hence the term, “fight or flight response.”

The chemistry of stress

In threatening situations, our bodies are designed to flow with chemicals like adrenaline: raising our blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse; tensing our muscles; shortening our breath; heightening our nerves and senses for fast action. And, after we have used physical exertion to ensure the danger passes, our bodies expend their chemicals and return to a calmer state, both mentally and physically.

The days of the sabre-toothed tiger are thankfully long gone, and now, when we are faced with a modern day ‘threat’, this natural protective reaction still triggers, but because the threat is no longer acute or short-lived, (e.g. a man-eating tiger) the body cannot disperse the chemicals and so stress occurs in a very different way to that in which it was originally intended.

Modern threats you’ll recognise

Modern threats usually last for much, much longer. They are in the form of things such as: financial pressures; fear of job loss or redundancy; parenting duties; unrealistic deadlines; workplace bullying; traffic jams; interviews or exams; illnesses; neighbour disputes; problems with family, friends and in-laws; cyber-bullying; harmful relationships.

You get the idea.

The problem is, unlike predators, these modern threats are hard to avoid; they are often constant. This means the emotional and physical state of stress stays with us, often for long periods of time. And this is truly bad for your health: emotionally and physically.

It can lead to conditions such as: loss of confidence, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, unhealthy habits, addictions, phobias, insomnia; and also physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, muscle tension and fatigue, digestive problems, heart and breathing difficulties, dizziness, migraine and headaches.

The answer…

To stay healthy, we have to find ways to avoid or disperse the naturally triggering adrenaline. And that’s where hypnotherapy and psychotherapy
come in…


Hypnotherapy employs relaxation techniques that immediately reduce the physical symptoms: slowing the breathing; relaxing the muscles all around the body so that they can release their tension; encouraging us to let go of our senses and switch off from conscious thoughts. I use hypnotherapy for stress to encourage your unconscious mind to take over temporarily, to protect you, to bring forth your naturally-occurring safety mechanisms that calm you down.


Hypnotherapy simultaneously targets the unconscious mind by suggesting you change behaviours and reactions around the original cause of the stress. Together we would work to find out the triggers (or threats) for your stress and use the power of your unconscious mind to see new perspectives and choose different behaviours for dealing with these triggers. Using NLP and psychotherapy techniques for stress alongside hypnotherapy means we can remove deep-rooted, negative beliefs and reprogram how you react to stressors or threats in future, preventing stress altogether.

Local hypnotherapy / psychotherapy treatment for stress

So, if you find yourself asking, “is there a hypnotherapist / psychotherapist near me, in Oxford, with treatments for stress?” Then the answer is
an emphatic yes.

Remember, the stress you are experiencing is neither inevitable nor incurable. Working with me, using powerful, lasting therapies, means you do
have a choice.

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