Alternative Therapies for Allergies

I use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques for allergy removal or reduction. Does NLP work for allergies? Yes, it can. I have significantly reduced my own asthma using this therapy, which is why I decided to share it with my clients in the first place. In some cases, it can completely clear up the symptoms of an allergy, in others it can significantly reduce the effects of the allergy. Put it this way, the NLP techniques I employ have always alleviated the symptoms of any allergy sufferer I have ever encountered.

Read on to find out more about how I use NLP as a treatment for allergies, or get in touch to book your free, 30-minute therapy consultation.

What is an allergy or hypersensitivity?

The human body can develop hypersensitivity; that is, a physical sensitivity, to certain substances or environmental conditions, most often, in early childhood. However, it can develop this sensitivity later on in life too.

When the body’s immune system is working correctly, it protects us from truly dangerous substances, such as poisons, bacteria and viruses. However, when it chooses to over-react to harmless substances like proteins and enzymes it makes a mistake, and we are left with an allergy, not protection, mainly in the form of inflamed body cells. This inflammation gives us unwanted symptoms such as: restricted breathing, skin rashes, itchiness, streaming eyes and nose.

We know these symptoms more commonly as forms of asthma, eczema, hay fever and food allergy.

So, why does it happen?

The exact cause of allergic reaction is still under investigation. However, most sufferers have a much-larger-than-usual amount of a specific antibody, called immunoglobulin E, to fight potential infections, including harmless proteins and enzymes that occur naturally in things like fur, feathers, pollen, foods, mould and dust. Our immune system has a choice to either react aggressively or not. For some of us, it ignores the allergen as harmless: for others it goes into a state of high alert.

The main point to remember here is that an allergic response is a mistaken choice of the immune system. And, like other mistaken reactions, such as phobias and bad habits, we are sensible to change it and find better ways to respond.

Retraining the immune system

The process I use will simply retrain your immune system to respond more appropriately. The purpose of your immune system is to protect you: once it knows that an allergen is harmless, it will be able to respond the way it responds to other things it knows are harmless.


  1. You must not stop taking any prescribed allergy medication before, during or after therapy with me without the full agreement of your doctor first.
  2. I do not treat sufferers of anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock. If you have an extreme reaction to insect stings, nuts, latex and medications then this is anaphylaxis and you must seek advice from your doctor instead.

Common allergens I do treat

Here are some of the usual suspects, to give you an idea of my experience:

  • Pollen
  • Grasses
  • Dust mites
  • Foods (eggs, milk, cheese, wheat, soy, fish)
  • Animal fur (dander)
  • Feathers
  • Mould

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