Treatment for Insomnia and Sleeping Problems

If you are experiencing insomnia or have a sleeping disorder, I can tell you that I use many effective treatments to help you gain resolution to it. As a multi-qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I use many treatments for insomnia and sleeping problems. So, I combine hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy to create an individual treatment plan tailored to you. If you want to find out more about how I work with insomnia and sleeping issues, read on, or get in touch to book your free, 30-minute therapy consultation.

Insomnia: an attempt by our unconscious mind to protect us

Insomnia is often a symptom of something else that is bothering us, lurking underneath. It is quite common for insomnia to coincide with anxiety and depression. Insomnia is a natural coping mechanism, it is actually the unconscious mind attempting to protect us. For many people, staying awake is a way of staying in control, or ‘living in your head.’ For others, it is the exhausted, foggy-minded state that follows a sleepless night which brings a sense of calm or cushioning against the perceived stresses of the outside world. 

Can hypnotherapy / psychotherapy help with insomnia?

Yes, absolutely. In order to tackle your insomnia or sleeping disorder we need to look at the psychology behind it. What triggers it? When did you first notice it appeared? Childhood? More recently? What was happening in your life at the time it first appeared?

At some level, your unconscious mind is trying to protect you; to keep you safe or calm. This is what we call the ‘positive intention’ behind your insomnia or sleeping disorder.

Using NLP, Inner Child Therapy and Hypnotherapy for insomnia

I usually combine different treatments for clients because everyone has different reasons for having insomnia or a sleeping disorder. I find we can resolve insomnia or sleeping problems completely by removing the underlying cause that is running the behaviour. It could be that you have anxiety or depression, which needs to be resolved first, in order for the symptoms to go. This would involve the use of Inner Child Therapy, which you can read more about here. It could be that finding a new way of satisfying the positive intention, using NLP treatment, is enough. In both cases, I utilise hypnotherapy to suggest positive change to your unconscious mind.

Is there an insomnia specialist near me?

If this question springs to mind, then I can put your mind at rest. In my Oxford clinic I rate all my insomnia clients when they first come to see me. They usually rate the insomnia as a low (low = bad) score of zero or 1. I have always had happy customers leaving my clinic with a resolved rating of 7 or above. And yes, you can even achieve a perfect ten, which means a normal sleep, every night – and a happier you.

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If you have decided to stop your insomnia or sleeping problem, then using my therapy clinic, you will see results. The old behaviour you are experiencing is neither inevitable, nor incurable. Working with me, using the powerful, lasting therapies I employ, means you do have a choice.

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