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I can help you find resolution for low self-esteem and confidence issues. As a registered psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I have found that the best way to treat low self esteem and / or low confidence is to combine different techniques. So, I combine hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy to create a treatment plan tailored to you.

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Confidence and self-esteem are similar but not the same

Just to clarify upfront, confidence and self-esteem are different things: however they are linked.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the value you feel about yourself. If your answer to the question, “am I worth it?” is a yes, then the chances are that you have pretty high self-esteem. Self-esteem is not a condition that changes very much as you go through life since it is related to a broad sense of personal value or self-worth. So, if you have high self-esteem at work, you probably have it in other areas of your life too, because this is simply a reflection of how you see yourself. People with high self-esteem tend to see the world as a friendly place.

What is low self-esteem and can I cure it?

Self-esteem is a related to inner beliefs you hold about ‘me’, specifically about your being, not about what you do. Low self-esteem comes from having negative beliefs about yourself: your core sense of ‘I AM-ness’ is not strong. In fact, there are likely to be some negative beliefs about yourself buried deep down in your unconscious self.

This is usually as a result of the way you have been brought up by parents or carers when you were a child. However, the good news is that, working together, we can remove these negative beliefs and exchange them for positive ones. This will totally change the way you feel about yourself, resolving any low self-esteem issues. Read on to find out how.

What is confidence?

Confidence, on the other hand, is related to action, it’s an inner belief that you can succeed at doing something. And levels of confidence can change, as it is area-specific. So, you can be confident about one area of your life, but totally unconfident about another, e.g.: “I am confident that I am a good organiser but I’m not at all confident about managing others.”

Can I cure my low confidence using hypnotherapy?

Many people go through life thinking they have always had little or no confidence. They think that they never possessed the ability to ever be confident.

Others feel that they may have started off confident, even very confident, but as life drew on they gradually lost their confidence, or had it ‘knocked out’ of them by some acute event.

Whichever way you feel about your confidence levels, I can tell you that nothing is lost. You do still have all the resources in you to feel confidence. We all do.

The truth is, you don’t lack confidence, you just have confidence for the wrong things. In fact you’re supremely confident about the idea that you have
no confidence!

Take some time to think about that for a moment.

As the truth dawns on you, you are probably beginning to realise that you are a ‘blackbelt’ at being confident or certain about the wrong things.

Resolution of low confidence

What we need to do is re-programme you to have this same level of certainty (confidence) about the ‘right’ things in life.

To do this, I use visualisation techniques from a therapy called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I also use Parks Inner Child Therapy (or PICT for short) to help remove negative self-beliefs and replace them with newer, positive beliefs.

Parks Inner Child Therapy for self esteem and confidence

PICT demonstrates that in childhood, we learn our core beliefs – about ourselves, about other people and about the world, before we are even old enough to know if that information is correct or not. We learn most of our core beliefs from our parents or significant carers. Depending on this parenting, some beliefs are positive (eg. I’m good at running) and some are negative, or limiting (e.g. I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable, there is no safety). In some families where parents are dysfunctional or have poor parenting skills these limiting beliefs can be numerous and become hard-wired into the child. I like to use the analogy that we almost build up a database or a hard-drive of these beliefs. And as we go through school, teenage years, into adult life, these beliefs play havoc as we react to the world around us, specifically by how the outside world relates against our internal belief system.

PICT works by targeting the limiting beliefs we have, by revisiting key childhood memories where these beliefs were first learned. So, as a Recognised PICT Practitioner I will work with my client’s adult self (the conscious part of them) to establish a rapport with their inner child (their unconscious part) to find and remove the limiting beliefs. We then use dialogue to give the inner child part appropriate information, love and support that may have been missing at the time of the memory. This allows change to take place.

Oxford hypnotherapy / psychotherapy treatment for low self-esteem and confidence

If you find yourself asking, “is there a hypnotherapist / psychotherapist near me, in Oxford, with treatments for confidence and low self-esteem?” Then the answer is yes.

Remember, the problem you are experiencing is neither inevitable nor incurable. Working with me, using powerful, lasting therapies, means you do
have a choice.

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