Treatment for Exam Nerves and Interview Performance

Does hypnotherapy and psychotherapy work for exam nerves? Absolutely. I use a combination of techniques to treat for exam nerves, and other related issues, like interview nerves, from my practice in Oxford. As your local therapist for exam nerves I use a blend of NLP, hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy to suit your exact requirements.

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We’ve all been there

Everyone experiences exam nerves at some point in their lifetime. Exam nerves are a normal, emotional response to what we perceive to be a ‘threatening’ situation. For some people, a level of anxiety can actually help to make them revise more, work harder in lessons or lectures, and feel greater prepared for the upcoming test.

For others however, it can overwhelm: causing excessive worry about not doing well; leading to a lack of concentration, perhaps even sleepless nights; and this in turn increases the risk that the performance in the actual test won’t be your best.

You can sort this out; no worries

Exam nerves are basically a form of anxiety. But the good news is that this is totally solvable, no matter who you are, or whatever you’re background; because you were not born worrying about exams and together we can help you to reposition your mind to this calmer, more natural state, in which:

  • confidence is well-grounded
  • concentration is unaffected
  • performance is strong
  • you feel fully prepared, both mentally and physically

I have exam nerves, so what can I do?

If you have exam nerves I can help you rid yourself of these in two easy steps: intervention and prevention.


Using hypnotherapy for exam nerves, I can teach you to employ relaxation techniques that immediately reduce your physical symptoms: slowing the breathing; relaxing the muscles all around the body so that they can release their tension; encouraging you to let go of your senses and switch off from noisy thoughts. I use hypnotherapy to encourage your unconscious mind to take over temporarily, to protect you, to bring forth your naturally-occurring safety mechanisms that calm you down. This means you can control your nerves and sleep better, which in turn means you’re ready to get your head
back in the game.


Hypnotherapy simultaneously targets the unconscious mind by suggesting you change behaviours and reactions around the original cause of the nerves. Together we would work to find out the triggers for your stress and use the power of your unconscious mind to find new perspectives and choose different behaviours for dealing with these causes. Using NLP and psychotherapy techniques for exam nerves alongside hypnotherapy means we can remove deep-rooted, negative self-beliefs and reprogram how you react to stressors in future, preventing exam nerves altogether. This usually doesn’t take
too many sessions.

Contact Damon as your local hypno-psychotherapist

Don’t put up with it. The exam nerves you are experiencing are neither inevitable nor incurable. Working with me, using the powerful, lasting therapies I employ means you do at last have a choice to take control. And, if you are an Oxford student with proof of full-time education, you are eligible for a 10% discount off your session fee. See here for details.

You need to experience it, to see for yourself. It is your decision, you need to make sure you find the best hypnotherapist / psychotherapist for you.

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