Treatment for Weight Loss

I use hypnosis for weight loss in a natural way that leaves you feeling in control. As a registered hypnotherapist, I have found that the best way to treat weight loss is to use a variety of different techniques. So, I have developed a specialist weight loss programme that combines hypnotherapy, NLP, diet counselling and psychotherapy to create a weight loss treatment plan tailored to you. To discover more about how I use hypnotherapy for weight loss, read on, or get in touch to book your free, 30-minute therapy consultation.

Your new lifestyle, forever

Hypnotherapy is one of the healthiest and safest methods to help you lose weight. Throughout, you will be enjoying all normal foods. Although you feel better immediately you will lose weight gradually at a rate that is good for your health and that will be easy to maintain. Once you’ve reached your goal you will be able to effortlessly enjoy maintaining this weight and all the benefits of health, confidence and freedom that it brings. I will also teach you how to harness the power of self hypnosis for weight loss.

The subconscious mind and your eating habits

Our subconscious mind is what controls and maintains our body’s state and condition – and that includes our weight.

It controls our breathing automatically, it controls our temperature to within one-tenth of a degree, in all weathers. It controls our immune system and causes healing. It keeps us upright.  Surely then, if it can maintain such delicate and complicated chemical processes and balances, it can manage a simple “energy in / energy out” balance?  Of course it can. But sometimes we interfere and change that balance.

With hypnosis you can let your subconscious mind get back to keeping you at a balanced weight that is ideal for you. You can even set yourself a particular weight (providing this is not unhealthy for you).

Using hypnosis to stop the hypnotic way you used to eat

If you feel compelled to eat, or feel that there is a deeper problem causing this, hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for uncovering and removing this forever. This is something that diets, special foods or books cannot do for you. It doesn’t matter how long you have been overeating, or why. Hypnotherapy is a quick and painless method of changing this. Without making this subconscious change it could be an ongoing losing battle.

Ultimately, you need to see it for yourself

The weight problems you are experiencing are neither inevitable, nor incurable. Working with me, using the powerful, lasting therapies I employ, means you do have a choice.

And if this sounds to good to be true, I agree with you. In fact, I am specifically talking to you, if you don’t believe it will work. That’s how many people think at the start of my weight loss programme. But then they begin to see for themselves the amazing changes that happen to their eating habits; they start to see the pounds coming off without too much hard work; and they feel in control of their emotions, making them feel happier and calmer inside.

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Don’t just take my word for it. You need to experience it to see for yourself.

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